Zombie Pie – Prepping for the Apocalypse

Needless to say, these last 12 months have been literal insanity.  From a global pandemic, to toilet paper shortages, to raging fires, volcanos, riots and insurrections, lockdown orders and zoom meeting hell, we are starting to forget what life was even like pre PPE, back in the days of sweaty dance floors, blowing out birthday candles, and sharing doobies (is “puff puff pass” as extinct as the Dodo bird now?).  What we do know, is that this is not a drill.  As we nervously await our turns for a jab of the sought after Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, never before has being prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse felt so real.  

So we decided to switch things up a little bit, and step up our survival game, in a new mini series;  Zombie Pie.  

We’ve relocated our nook to the bunker, and we’ve traded in our Hate it Or Rate it emojis for something a little… more… badass (ok, a lot more badass).  If (or when) the grid goes down, taking Uber Eats and Costco down with it, and your only hope is to hunt for your dinner, will you be prepared to get your hands dirty and channel your inner Katniss Everdeen?  We wanted to take it back to the basics and find out if our archery skills could hold us down.  Join us in Part 1, as we unbox our newest toy, the Killer Instinct, Lethal 405 Crossbow.

Warning: The following video is intended for entertainment purposes only.  Crossbows are only permitted for seasonal hunting in legally approved locations.  Improper use can result in property damage, severe injury, or death.  Please consult and abide by the regulations, laws, and licensing requirements of your regional jurisdiction.

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