Why my household has decided to Live Clean


Every once in a while, you stumble onto a line of products that makes you want to purge everything on your bathroom counter (and in your shower, and tub) and just start fresh. Well that’s exactly what happened when I discovered Live Clean.  I’ll admit, it was the name that first caught my attention, one day when I was browsing the baby shampoo section at Loblaws, on the hunt for an all natural tear-free solution.  I read the ingredients, took a sniff, and threw it in the shopping cart, willing to give it a shot.   Fast forward a few weeks, and my entire household was converted.  From shampoos and conditioners, to body wash, to baby products and bath salts, we are hooked, and soon you will be too.  Here’s why my family has decided to live clean:

No harsh chemicals – SLS/Sulfate Free, DEA Free, Paraben/Phthalate/Phosphate Free, and Petroleum free.  That’s about as clean as it gets!

Pure vegan/vegetarian and cruelty free – No animal testing, and no animal bi-products, so you can feel good about lathering up.

Plant derived ingredients – Enriched with certified organic botanical extracts, and an A-list roster of today’s “it” ingredients (think argan oil, Dead Sea salts, coconut oil, hyaluronate, calendula, vitamin E, eucalyptus, lavender… there are just too many to name drop).

Eco friendly –  Thanks to local sourcing, they do not use any non-renewable ingredients.  Everything is biodegradable, and comes in recyclable packaging.  In other words; guilt-free goodness.

livecleanbabySomething for the whole family –  From body lotions to detanglers to sensitive or itchy skin, they’ve got everyone covered.  And the best part?  With an all-star lineup of yummy varieties, everything smells absolutely amazing!

Premium quality ingredients without the premium pricing – While the  “green” and organic product market has been steadily rising in popularity, so too have the prices.  Live Clean however, has set it’s price point for everyday affordability, targeting the average consumer  Just imagine prices comparable to a Johnson and Johnson product, with high-end (department store worthy) skin-care quality.

Made in Canada – Need I say more?!




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