Why is Valentine’s Day Such a Big Deal?

sexy-young-woman-with-a-valentine-gift-oleksiy-maksymenkoValentine’s Day is just around the corner to the delight of females. To the guys? Not so much. What is
a male’s view of Valentine’s Day? Another commercial holiday where the marketing industry takes full
advantage. You feel like you want to shoot yourself if you see any more pink and red in a store. To the
ladies, maybe you heard your boyfriend say, “baby, I don’t need a one day dedicated to showing you
that I love you because I love you every day.” In other words he’s saying he’s cheap and would rather
not spend that much money on you on useless things such as flowers and chocolate.

Why is Valentine’s Day so important to females? Well it’s simple. What girl doesn’t like getting spoiled?
Who wouldn’t want flowers and chocolate, a couple’s massage and a candlelight dinner? Oh and
let’s not forget that Tiffany jewelry set. Sure you might tell your man that you don’t need anything for
Valentine’s Day and being with him is enough, but guys, this is a test. This is a test to see if you are in
fact going to do anything special for her without her suggesting anything. A test to see how romantic
you really are, that no matter what your girlfriend may say, you much rather spoil her because you want
to. And that’s the way it should be.

sexy-valentines-girls-20Valentine’s Day should be something that both of you look forward to. Let’s be honest here. We don’t show or tell our significant others everyday that we love them even though we do. It’s nice to have one day dedicated to showing each other how much you care for them. It’s not really about receiving gifts, it’s just about doing things to make the other person happy and that’s what a relationship is about. And what girl doesn’t like bragging to her friends what her man did for her? So guys suck it up and do something special for her because she deserves it and girls you can do the same as well, it’s not always one-sided.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

– Sheena

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