What Toxins Are You Wearing?


Nowadays it seems that people may be applying more than just their lipstick! A recent test of cosmetic products by the FDA has released a list with over 400 items (mainly lipsticks) that contain high amounts of lead. These brands include M.A.C, Covergirl and Rimmel among others. According to the report, the worst offenders were Maybelline’s Color Sensation (Pink Petal), which had 7.19 parts of lead per million (ppm) and L’Oreals Colour Riche (in Volcanic) which had an astounding 7 ppm. How is this possible? Unfortunately in the United States there is little regulation in place in to monitor exactly how much lead companies can put into their products. Canada however has had laws and restrictions in effect for quite a while to limit the chance of exposure. Although the amounts that were found in these cosmetics are relatively high, the FDA has said that they do not to pose a significant risk to ones health. Despite this claim, lead exposure is rather dangerous and should not be taken lightly. We found a few products on this list that we use, how about you?


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