What Does Your Drink Say About You?

martini-workshop-imageSummer is the perfect season to enjoy a drink on the patio with your friends, BUT did you know just like the clothes you wear or the car that you drive, your beverage of choice says a lot about you? Recent research suggests that your taste, your attitude and your motivations are showcased in your selection, simply because a drink is considered to be “a product of choice”. Here a few bar/patio favourites and their supposed meaning!

Beer: A cold one tends to be a bar/patio favourite, but it lets people know that you are boring! This can be a good thing, as boring can mean that you are dependable and capable of getting the job done. Cheers to playing it safe!

Margaritas: Flirty and fun! You like to have a good time, but you tend to be pretty wild! Being the life of the party isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes you can be sloppy. Perhaps beer is the better choice?

Martini: Shaken or stirred? Perhaps dirty? We all know you just enjoy bing able to ask for something of this nature! You consider yourself to be fancy, but thats not the message that comes across. (In fact, it sats the complete opposite)! Snobby is just the tip of the iceberg, so we recommend you pass on this one!

Wine: Considering that there are so many, we can’t paint every wine drinker with the same brush! However, for the most part you are considered to be classy and sophisticated. There are some health benefits too, so you can’t go wrong. images

Vodka Cran: The traditional “go to” drink at the bar for the ladies. Unfortunately, this one has a bad wrap for “you just turned nineteen”, or “you drank a few too many coolers beforehand”. It also says you can’t stand the taste of alcohol, but hey- at least you’re drinkin’!

Long Island Ice Tea: You enjoy a good drink, and we’ll this is it! Have a few more and you might make a few bad decisions. But this one says your funny soooo, go ahead and have a few more!

So, which one is it? Bottoms up!



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