V-Day Gift Guide (V, as in, Vagina)

With V-day only a week away, it’s probably time to start thinking about gift ideas (if you haven’t already).  But what is the point of Valentines Day anyways?  Is it just another hallmark holiday created simply to guilt us into spending?  A day to single out all the singles and put extra pressure on otherwise happy lovers and friends?  Well it’s time to forget the expensive jewellery, and the flowers, and the over-priced-prix-fixe menu, because we think V-day should be about re-connecting with your V.  As in… Vagina.  That’s right, this Valentines Day, we want to give all the power to your pussy.  It doesn’t matter if you’re flying solo, if you’re on cuffing season lock-down, or if you’re hosting your monthly visit from aunt Flo, we’ve partnered with the nasty women at Unbound Box and curated a fun Galentines inspired V-day Gift Guide, to help pamper you and your special little lady.  As an added bonus, the Unbound gals donate a portion of their profits to support female sexual health and wellness (so you can feel good about feeling good).  Enjoy xxx


The Vesper – It looks like a pendant necklace, because it is, but it’s also so…much…more.  The Vesper is a discreet vibrator, disguised as statement jewellery, for the stylish gal on the go.  Made of stainless steel, with 4 speeds, and comes with gold, rose gold, or silver accents… because a gal needs options, right?  Now you can relieve your frustrations just about anywhere.  Is it lunch break yet?
Amelia Handcuff Bangles – Because, as we just learned, fashion and freakiness are never mutually exclusive.
Exsens Cooling Lip Gloss – This sheer, paraben-free, strawberry lip gloss doesn’t just look great layered over bright red lipstick, it also cools and heats to the touch, and it’s body friendly (hint hint).  Whether you are giving or receiving this V-day, a little ‘lip service’ can go a long way.
Bijoux Dark Chocolate Nip Gloss – But why should your lips get to have all the fun?  Paint this edible dark chocolate gloss onto all your favourite secret places, and turn each-other into human sweet nothings.  Who knew V-day could be so finger lickin’ good.
Shunga Dead Sea Bath Salts – Because you can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself first, you deserve a sensual soak in the tub.  Complete with a floating votive candle to set the mood, these foaming aphrodisiac scented sea salts provide the ultimate in relaxation and seduction for your body’s biggest organ… your skin.
Single Kegel Trainer – Netflix and chill?  Make your alone time more productive with a silicone Toytrainer.  The health benefits of kegels are indisputable, from increasing your orgasms, to better bladder control, to improving child-birth by strengthening the pelvic floor, your fitness routine should never neglect your most underrated muscle.
Happy Lola Calorie Counting Cock Ring – Speaking of fitness… our hearts literally skipped a beat when we discovered this little treat.  Yes, you read it correctly; a cock ring that counts how many calories you are burning, while doing the deed.  One word – genius.  Now you don’t have to feel guilty for eating all those chocolates.  No wonder Lola is so happy!
Cocktail Pastilles
Wait, did someone say chocolates?  That’s SO cliché.  Instead, we recommend these cocktail flavoured candies, in Whiskey and Long Island Iced Tea.  Each delectable gummy is gluten-free and infused with 6% real alcohol.  Happy-hour never tasted so good!
Love Is Art Kit – We didn’t know this was a thing, until we saw it on an episode of The Big Bang Theory.  Really.  Remember that time Penny and Leonard covered themselves in body paint and then did coitus on a giant piece of paper?  Well, this starter kit comes with everything you need to make your own “love” (aka. hot sex), into fine art of your own.  Your guests will be dying to know where you scored the post-impressionist abstract masterpiece in your living room.
Sex Position Colouring Book And, if you need inspiration for your work of art, look no further than this (slightly unorthodox) adult colouring book.  If it doesn’t make you horny, it will certainly make you smile.  Feeling naughty?  Colouring outside the lines might just get you spanked!       
Lace Period Panty Who says you have to look like a granny on your period?  These lacy bottoms are leak-proof on the inside, to protect you from embarrassing mishaps, but sexy on the outside (so no-one ever has to know).
Boob Tote – You can never have too many totes, seriously, and this one is just ‘totes’ adorable.  Designed by women, for women, this boobie-bag is an ode to bosoms, in all their beautiful shapes and sizes.  The perfect accessory to flaunt your femininity.

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