Whether you like it or not, the Twitter hashtag symbol is taking over! Facebook recently announced that they will be adding this feature to their social media site within the next few weeks! This means that similar to Twitter, anything “hash tagged” will become a clickable link that will lead you to a pop out style feed, where other posts with the same “hash tagged” phrases will be found. Although not everyone is thrilled about this addition, it will allow for users to see what other people are saying about certain topics. This can be regarded as good and bad. Why? Well, considering that Twitter is based off of the above, it might not be the best move to keep them in business- or at least dominent in the realm of social media (remembering what happened to myspace). However, hashtags are popular among other websites such as Instagram and Tumblr, which are doing quite well. With regards to Facebook specifically, hashtags may be a concern for the privacy of it users. Although they have recently modified their settings to make it easier for users to restrict who can view their posts, we are hoping for more out of them with this newest feature. That being said, ABC reports that there are many more to come our way shortly!

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