Top Spring Break Destinations! #travelPie


Not too long ago, many students flocked to the United States to get the most of their week off while others like myself, stayed at home and frolicked in the snow. Sighh. Here are the top five destinations we would have loved to visit this year for Spring Break!

1.Puta Cana, Dominican Republic

One of the most popular resort locations in the Dominican, this hot spot is a Spring Breaker’s paradise! With an array of beautiful beaches, a variety of waterfront activities, multiple parks, museums an aquariums- it only gets better when the sun goes down! The club district offers a sold amount of both bars and clubs to enhance the nightlife experience for vacationers. There is a reason why its #1 on our list!

2. Cancun, Mexico

Affordable, fun and beautiful to say the least – Cancun is probably one of the most popular Spring Break destinations. With the beaches being the key diversion for many vacationers, there is still tons of culture for you to experience! The Mayan Ruins, turtle farms, aquariums and golf courses are also popular tourist attractions within the area and of course, the night life is crazy!

3. Miami Beach, Florida

No matter how young or old, Miami offers its tourist a wide variety of activities. From shopping centres such as the Lincoln Road Mall, spas  like the Agua, and museums such as the Bass Museum of Art- you truly can’t go wrong here! Spring Breakers, take note: there are a ton of bars/clubs for you night owls as well as tons of beach for you to hit up during the day! There is a reason Miami is one of the most talked about cities in the U.S!

4. Bahamas

The bohemian islands are known as a tropical paradise; perfect for rest and relaxation. The resorts are great, but there is a lot more to do outside of them! There are numerous reefs and wildlife reserves, golf courses and marketplaces for those bargin hunters. For young adults, the Casino is also a popular attraction in New Providence Island Nassau- the largest city in the Bahamas. Party goers, there are also many pink and white sand beaches to meet your needs, as well as a lively night scene. You can’t go wrong with this Caribbean hot spot!

5. Daytona Beach, Florida

Probably one of the most rowdy destinations despite efforts to draw more family oriented crowd, Daytona Beach attracts thousands of students each year to its 2o miles of beachfront. There are other tourist attractions, but the waterfront is the most popular of them all. With many clubs and resorts lining it- the average party goer can’t go wrong!


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