Top Agency Closing Toronto Doors

If you haven’t yet heard the news plaguing the Toronto fashion industry, top modelling agency FORD will be closing its doors as soon as the end of January. With no exact reason for the sudden closure, many speculate it was simply a decision from their head office in New York. Regardless, this has allowed for competing agencies to pick at FORD’s roster, and will most likely effect the ability for newer faces with less experience to enter the fashion realm in Toronto. Toronto is generally where new faces learn the ropes, so it will be interesting to see what happens next in terms of talent.

FORD has been a top agency since 1995 when it first made its way into Canada, and had continued to be a notable agency since. As shocking as this news may be, it shouldn’t affect the actual fashion district in Toronto. Other top agencies in the city include PUSH, Sutherland, Elite and Elmer Olsen.

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