Top 10 Most “Humorous Happenings” During the American Election

Humor can sometimes be found in the most least likely of places, and the 2012 American Election is no exception to this. Depending upon who you supported things may seem a little less comical, but we know you’ll at least crack a smile! Here is our list of the top 10 most “humorous happenings” within this recent election.

10. Mitt Romney style! Check out the Gangam Style parody that had us in stitches. HEEEEY WEALTHY LADIESSS!

9. Chris Rock on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Its hard to keep a straight face when Chris Rock is speaking out to white voters!

8. This guy. Remember when Romney announced he would cut PBS funding?

7. Beyonce and husband J-Zay have supported Obama for a while now. However, it caught some people off guard when he decided to perform the newest rendition of his song “99 Problems” at a rally. You can catch the video here.  “I got 99 problems, but MITT ain’t one!”

6. Donald Trumps reaction. It didn’t take too long for him to go on a twitter rampage when it was clear Obama was to be returning to the White House. In summary, he called America an embarrassment because of the outcome, when the real embarrassment, Mr. Trump, would have to be the fact that you can’t come to terms with what the people have decided. Not everyone is a millionaire in the United States!

5. According to the New Yorker, in a frantic bid to get more votes Mitt Romney apparently airdropped $2 billion dollars on the state of Ohio. Whether this is true or not, it still makes for a good laugh.

4. Congressman Tod Adkin had made various claims that women have natural defenses against pregnancy [at least from “legitimate rape”]. On election night he proceeded to lose in his county to that of female democratic candidate Claire McCaskill.

3. Continuing on that point, “A binder full of women” (four new female democrats) took to the Senate. One of them included America’s first gay Senator. What is comical is that Romney had made a comment pertaining to a binder full of women during one of the debates, and now more are headed to the Senate! Those women being: Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota. Congratulations ladies!

2. After losing the election, Romney supporters were so upset some began to construct conspiracy theories. One of which accused Obama of engineering hurricane Sandy as a plot to receive more press…!

1. George Bush has a good conscience after all. While voting in his polling station, instead of asking for assistance he proceeded to vote for who he thought was a Republican candidate. Instead, he misunderstood the directions and actually placed a vote for the Democrats. (In English – he voted for Obama). You can read the full article on this happening here.

See? Politics aren’t so boring after all!


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