Tis the Season to be Single

The holidays are almost upon us. Tis the season for giving, spending time with loved ones and break ups? It seems so. I have talked to some girls and it seems there are a number of break-ups with significant others this month. No one likes to be alone during the holiday season so if you’re in this boat (or sled, lol) and feeling a bit like a scrooge, here are some ways to turn that frown upside down:

Make a List

You’re making a list, but you don’t need to check this one twice. Write a list of all the Pros and Cons about your ex boyfriend. It can go a something like this:


-Fine as hell…


-He’s cheap as hell

-Makes you pay for the bill all the time

-He’s in between jobs (i.e. unemployed, broke ass)

-You drive him around

-Has a criminal record

-Friends/Family hate him

-Personal hygiene practices could be improved

-Hate his friends

You will probably find that the list of Cons is a lot longer than the Pros. Doesn’t this put things into perspective? I know you feel better already.

Listen to Boy-Bashing Songs

Don’t deny it. You know you do it when you just break up with a guy. I know I have. These are some songs that come to mind that you can add to your Boy-Bashing Playlist:

-I Hate You So Much Right Now- Kelis

-You Make Me Sick- Pink

-I Should Have Cheated-Keisha Cole

-Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood

-No Scrubs- TLC (I love this song)

-Bills, Bills, Bills (Destiny’s Child)

-Ghost- Fefe Dobson

-Irreplaceable- Beyonce

-Leave (Get Out) – JoJo

-No More- 3LW


-Like a Boy- Ciara

-Just Be a Man about It- Toni Braxton

-The Way That I Love You- Ashanti

I think that’s a good start to the list.

Find a Rebound

That’s right I said it. You can tell yourself as much as you want that you don’t need a guy to make yourself feel happy but that’s a load of crap sometimes. But if you’re one of those girls who really don’t need a guy to make yourself feel better, then all the power to you.  Sometimes it’s just nice to have a distraction, to get your mind off things. So whether it’s going on some dates, joining a dating site or having some casual encounters (I don’t judge, just don’t be a ho ho ho). Do whatever it is that makes you feel better for the time being, you deserve it. Who knows, your rebound guy can turn out to be the one but if not, at least you had some fun.

Have a Girl’s Night

Spend a night out on the town with your girlfriends, maybe hitting some clubs or bars. If you do happen to meet a guy at these places, it’s best to enjoy the night with him and leave it there. You don’t really find quality in clubs. You don’t want to make the same mistake again and having a loser ex #2 (or could be a higher number). If going clubbing is not your thing, then have a girls night in. Have some cocktails or just watch some good old NetFlix. It’s the holidays, a time to celebrate the end of the year and to welcome the new one so enjoy it with those who matter in your life. Forget about your boy troubles. At the end of the day, boys come and go so who better to spend the holiday season with than your girlfriends who are always there for you?

Spoil Yourself

Hell, your ex sure didn’t, so you deserve to treat yourself. Go to the salon, get your hair and nails done, have a spa day, get a massage, go shopping! You can probably afford it anyways. So if you already bought a Christmas present for your ex, return it and use that money on yourself, it may be therapeutic as well. Or if you haven’t already bought a gift, you’re good to go. Think about that extra money you’re saving.

See, it’s not so bad being single during the holiday season, is it? I hope this list comes of some use to you newly single people. Do you have anything else to add?  Let us know. Hope you enjoyed this week’s Sexy Pie!


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