The Urban ABP Dictionary

Ever notice that certain groups of girlfriends have their own special dialogue, filled with nicknames and phrases that may only make sense to them? We do. We thought we would let you in on a few of ours.

A wiggy refers to a very fake, plastic and otherwise done-up female. She likely has big, horrible hair extensions gone wrong, treats her face like a colouring book in terms of makeup, wears short skirts and high heels on Sundays, has definitely had work done and isn’t the sharpest stiletto in the closet. Her boyfriend likely has tattoos of which he doesn’t understand the significance and muscles bulging out of his Ed Hardy shirt.

Example: “Don’t worry, his new girlfriend is a total wiggy.”

Candy Apple
A candy apple refers to a guy with a big head, both literally and figuratively
speaking, thus, resembles a walking candy apple. This type of guy has been met with
some success (and is typically in finance) and it has gone to his head along with his
wallet. He likely has no shortage of wiggys in his phone directory.

Example: “He used to be a good guy; now he’s a total candy apple. “

Fact can be used in place of the term “agreed.” If a girlfriend says something you
agree with, you simply say “fact.”

Example: “This pizza is so good it’s almost orgasmic.”

We can’t recall how this term got ingrained in our vocabulary, but it basically serves
as a replacement to the surfer boy term of choice, bummer.

Example: “They didn’t have the dress in my size.”
“Ugghh…what a cheeser.”

This is not a term that should be used lightly, and is along the same lines as a “pinky
swear.” If someone reveals a juicy piece of information that is for your pretty little
ears only, you can reassure them that their secret is safe with one simple word:

Example: “You promise you won’t tell Sarah I kissed her brother?”

A “texter” refers to a crush or potential crush you have met, not gone on a date with
or hooked up with in any way and are simply feeling one another out via a text
message banter. A texter is not serious, nothing to write home about and may only
serve to entertain or when you need attention.

Example: “At least you have a boyfriend. I don’t even have a texter.”

To be “rattled” is to be shaken up, stressed out or confused as the result of another
person’s actions or situation.

Example: “I am so rattled- I have this huge test in the morning, have to work tonight
and have the worst headache.”

You.  Only.  Live.  Once.  The term “yolo” can be used to justify, inspire and encourage
certain behaviors, like spontaneously hopping on a plane for a last minute girls trip,
approaching a sexy stranger at a bar or getting dressed in costume and dancing with
drag queens at your city’s Gay Pride Weekend.

Example: “Want to fly to Vegas with my cousin and his friends on his private jet?”
“Um, hells ya, yolo.”

A pawdicure refers to the maintenance of your pet’s claws, because they need their
nails clipped and looking kept and pretty just like we do.

Example: “I will meet you at the restaurant after Daisy’s pawdicure.”

Go green in a different kind of way. Recycling refers to hooking up with someone
who you have already hooked up with in the past, typically a booty call type of
situation. The beauty of recycles is that they are usually comfortable and reliable,
plus they don’t count as a “number.”

Example: “I was thinking about it, and I don’t even think I have anyone I would even
want to recycle at the moment.”


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