The Perfect Girls Cottage Weekend Curated

It has been a brilliant summer so far here at Alpha Beta Pie and we are not just referring to the impeccable weather. The lazy, hazy days of summer mark a perfect opportunity to take a much-needed break from the city, for-go the makeup and high
heels for a few days and indulge in some good eats and unapologetic gossip sessions
alike…all with your best girlfriends, of course. After years of experience, here is how
to make that girls cottage weekend as perfect as pie.

Reading Material
The cottage provides the perfect atmosphere to bust out the reading material.
We are all for online reading, but there is something to be said for the good old-
fashioned magazine. On the way up north, stop and pick up an assortment- mindless
and stimulating alike. Our suggestions: Flare, Vogue, Time, In Style, Glamour and, for
your celebrity indulgence (even if just to check out what the stars are wearing and
cool new spots for your next trip to NYC or L.A.), People and Us Weekly. In terms of
books, this summer we have been reading (no, not 50 Shades of Grey, surprisingly)
Your Voice in My Head, which is an intriguing memoir by journalist Emma Forrest and
describes her journey with depression. We also like to have a business book on the
go. Our favourites? Although a few years old, any female can benefit from reading
Ivanka Trump’s Trump’s Trump Card and Cathy Black’s Basic Black.

Balance out that calorie intake with a little exercise. Yoga is even more fun outdoors.
Even if you didn’t bring your yoga mat, grab a large plush beach towel, your bikini,
and sunscreen and hit the dock first thing. Remembering those yoga moves from
your weekly class isn’t as difficult as you would think, even if you simply stick to
basic balancing poses, downward dogs and planks. Swim- the lakes are warmer
than ever this year! Don’t just jump in to cool off, make the most of your natural
swimming pool. Pick a destination and swim to it together as a group. Or, tap into
your inner child and have treading water competition with the girls like you used
to in swim class. Finally, practice your spiral with a mini football so that you may
impress your BF the next time you play with the boys.

Essentials include sunscreen, aloe (just in case you miss a spot) and bug repellent,
like Burt’s Bees Herbal Bug Repellant. Keep makeup minimal. Even if you get invited
to a dock party you will look ridiculous overly done up. All you will need is your
basic face makeup, some bronzer and shimmer to highlight your cheekbones and
tan (we love Cargo’s shimmery BB-01 Coral Beach Blush) mascara and lip-gloss.
Avid perfume, you don’t need it. If you want to smell pretty, we love the fresh,
summery scent of Pink Chiffon body lotion, which is infused with vitamin e, jojoba
and shea butter.

Don’t leave for the cottage without a new playlist for the ride up, boat cruise,
dockside or by the campfire. You will return from the weekend with songs that
will remind you of the weekend for years to come. Make sure you have a healthy
mix to cater to all the musical tastes of your girls- old and new music alike.
Always favourite cottage classics are anything by Bob Marley or the Tragically
Hip. This summer, some of our favourite tunes include “Payphone” by Maroon 5,
Usher’s “Scream”, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown’s, “Right By My Side, “One by One”
by Laza Morgan and Movado of course, the song that will define summer 2012, Carly
Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” When you hear the songs you will immediately be
transported to that weekend, along with all the laughs, memories and inside jokes



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