The ANTM Live Experience

As a model, I had the privilege of auditioning for Americas Next Top Model LIVE & British Designer Joey Bevan alongside Alpha Beta Pie gal Lolly Luck and many other freelance models from the GTA. Well.. we did it! We were selected! Here is Alpha Beta Pie’s breakdown of how the  weekend went!


After auditioning for UK designer Joey Bevan, ALL the models were crazy excited for this weekend to begin. Thursday was dress rehearsal day – meaning we finally got to see what we were wearing! Everyone had previously researched Joey’s Tim Burton inspired “Land of the Lost Toys” collection, but we all wanted to see what outfit we would be rocking on the runway! To those who have never seen a runway show- designers go all out. Hair, makeup – everything did. So you can imagine how excited we were to see what our hair and makeup would look like too! The Kryolan team was responsible for two looks; the gold for lingerie and the black mask for the high fashion show. Annabelle wigs in the UK matched our hair colours perfectly, and supplied everyone with luscious long locks that we got to keep! My favourite part however, was the SHOES! Red Lovo was giving us each a pair of 6 inch black stiletto heels that had the cutest lace ties on them! Aside from this, we learned the choreography for the show and got to walk around the ANTM Live venue, checking out the different booths that were setting up. Before we knew it, it was time to pack up. We had a very early call time the next morning!


CHAOS! Fashion shows never go 100% as planned, but everyone still tries to make them run smoothly. Despite a few ups and downs, everything came together perfectly just in time. There were two shows that took place every day, so we only had hours in between to prepare for each. This meant, after you came off the stage from your first show, it was back into hair and makeup for the next! The lingerie show went really well! We walked to Britney Spears “Soldier” which is really upbeat and reminded me of what Victoria Secret models would walk too. The high fashion show was a mix of different techno beats. You felt really strong when you walked down the runway to that song! It also went smoothly, and everyone was thrilled! Backstage, Alexandra from ANTM all-stars came by to say hi. Despite her reputation, she was really sweet! The best part of the day had to be when my friends came to Toronto to watch the show! It was so nice to spend time with them afterwards!


MORE CHAOS! At least we had already done a run through the day before. Joey would always tell us that even if we messed up, we still had one show left to get it right. Both shows ended up going really well! I even had the honour of closing both of them! This meant that I was the last model to walk out on the runway, and would come out with the designer on the runway afterwards. Check out this youtube video of the action here. I was also selected to be the last model out for the high fashion show as well. I couldn’t be more humbled. My mom, aunt, sister and boyfriend all came out to see the high fashion show in the afternoon. Their mouths dropped when they saw me on stage! )After the high fashion show, all the models followed Joey to the Jon Frieda, Kryolan and Red Lovo booths at the venue to pose for pictures. SO many photographers and media were present, it was insane! We all felt like celebrities. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take the mask off before hitting the streets of Toronto for dinner. The looks I got, and the comments that were made were HILARIOUS. I don`t think I`m THAT much of a “weirdo”. The day ended with plans for everyone to meet up at the official ANTM Live after party at CUBE Toronto. Let`s just say their service was so poor NON of us would go there again..


Rise and shine bright and early! I was so glad I promised myself not to stay out past midnight! Although everyone was exhausted, we kept telling ourselves that it was the last day and that it would be all over soon. As sad as this sounds modeling is hard work! During the weekend Joey`s friend Paul was filming a documentary, so today was the day we did interviews and filmed segments. I love video, and would love the chance to do more. We also got to watch the all-star show in Joey Bevan’s high fashion outfits where we also took pictures with some of the people that came to check it out. I met the cutest little girl who hugged the bottom of my poufy Victorian-esque dress. She was already short, but me being 5`10.5ft tall in 6 inch stiletto heels made me feel like a giant. After removing our masks, it had finally hit us that this was it!..

-I have no words to describe this experience. All I can say really is thank you to Joey and his team for giving all of us models a chance to participate in this incredible event. Without this opportunity, I would not have been able to network with all the people I had the pleasure of meeting, nor the chance to say I walked for a British designer! Joey, you are the sweetest and we wish you all the best with your endeavours as you continue to move forth in the fashion industry.-

Article by Kelsey Belle.


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