10 reasons why interracial relationships are the new black 

With racial tensions rising on a global scale, from antisemitism, to the war on black youth, to ISIS and the rise of extreme fundamentalism, never has there been a more important time to celebrate the beauty and importance of sharing… Continue Reading

The Beyoncelogues: watch and see why Nina Millin is irreplaceable

Actress Nina Millin puts a dramatic (Shakespeare inspired) spin on your fave Beyonce songs with her spoken word interpretations of the songstress’ lyrics. The result is very entertaining… and quite possibly even more compelling than the original lol.

Our Fantasy Draft Picks For Canada’s Bachelor!

BRACE YOURSELF!  The Bachelor is coming to Canada! This may seem like old news, but with the application deadline recently passed we have decided to count down our top fantasy draft picks that every Canadian girl would love to compete… Continue Reading