Summer Makeup Tips

Want to look summer chic? Here are some fabulous makeup tips to get you there!

images1. When the weather is hot, less is always more! Instead of covering up your blemishes with your pore-clogging foundation, consider tinted moisturizer instead! Foundations can also be heavy, and can make your skin oily when you’re outside trying to enjoy the heat!

2. Nude lipsticks and light coloured glosses will prevent any smearing or smudging. M.A.C has a great selection that we suggest checking out!

3. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner are your best bet this season. When its hot out, they won’t run – so you won’t get racoon eyes!

4. In terms of eye shadow, stick to lighter colours with some shimmer. We suggest gold or silver as this will add some light to your eyes!


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