Style Swap: The Juice with Gin & Jewlz

As the temperature starts to rise so does my unrealistic yet so real anxiety around my wardrobe.  The days of hiding behind oversized sweaters and winter jackets are becoming numbered.  Pair that with a long term relationship (read: minimal romantic date nights that don’t involve Netflix) and an average 9-5 office gig in the world’s smallest office and you’ve got the recipe for blah.  Oh how I long to look like those Toronto Fashion bloggers being reckless with the fashion rules we were taught as teens… Only one print, don’t mix stripes and patters, no white after Labour Day, etc. etc.  The idea of starting somewhere is equally stressful to me because I’ve been building up my basics since before Khloe was married to Lamar.  Can one have too many black yoga pants?

Fast forward to one lazy Saturday during a play-date with my cousin Julia, and by play-date I mean sitting in each other’s company in complete silence while drinking wine and scrolling Instagram.

“I feel like my wardrobe needs to reflect the grown ass candy crush playing vixen I am.” 

And like that we had our Eureka moment!

“What if we went shopping together for a sexy date night outfit, you pick a bunch of pieces for me and based on what you like best on me, I’ll buy it.  But here’s the catch; I don’t get to see it until we get home”

A little shocked but as always totally down for the cause she agreed to the terms of my social experiment with one exception of course – that I do the same for her.

Here was my reasoning:  *Please note that the wine was going down smooth and the liquid courage was rampant*

  1. She knows my personal style better than any 20 year old sales associate
  2. Your Bestie see’s your potential even when you’re not feeling cute which gives them an unfair advantage
  3. It’s easy to think outside of the box for someone other than yourself
  4. It’s an excuse to do something social that doesn’t include alcohol or food.
  5. You’d pay a stylist to do this for you if you could

Lucky for you we also decided to document the whole experience, the good, the bad, and the hilarious… so check out The Juice with Gin & Jewlz on the tube and stay subbed for more to come!

Ginevra Fenton

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