Hottest Hairstyles For Spring – Look #1


This spring, we are counting down some of the hottest hairstyles of the season! One of them happens to be the French Braid Headband– and it is just as easy to do as it sounds! Ideally, as seen in the above image, it is used as a headband to keep your hair or bangs out of your face. Although there are many variations, we kept this in mind when creating these steps:

1) Begin with tangle-free clean hair. Brush it out to make things easier. If you have straight or wavy hair this will work best with dry hair. If you have curls, we suggest wetting the sections you will be using!

2) For this look, part your hair to either side as you normally would.

3) Create a part for the hair you want to be in the headband. We recommend that you use a comb when doing this to make things easier. Begin two to three inches back on the part, and make sure when you do so, that you have a nice rectangular section of hair. You are going to be braiding the larger section of hair at least (versus the other side of your part).

4) For this look we are leaving the hair down, so you will end the braiding at your ear. Put the hair that will not be braided (the majority of it) into a clip so it is out of the way. You don’t want to braid the wrong pieces!

5) Begin French braiding. We do this by separating the chunk that you have put aside into three pieces. Cross the rightmost over the center. Then add some hair to what used to be the rightmost strand (now center) from the right side. Cross the leftmost over the center. Then add some hair to what used to be the leftmost strand (now center) from the left side.

6) Awesome! Once you’re done secure it at the end with an elastic. Mess it up a bit to add a little something extra to the look!

Lost? We have found a video to help you pull this off! It really is easy, and quite stylish!

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