Spring Cleaning: The Eco-Friendly Way

Spring-Cleaning_Malina-Corpadean_4This winter was brutal. Thanks to our “very Canadian” weather, we are
going to bet that many a fabulous female from across the country spent a little more time at home during the dark and dreary months. Well, spring has sprung (at least, according to the calendar) and it’s time to freshen things up. First and foremost? Spring cleaning. There is,
however, nothing fresh about working with harsh chemicals and fumes in the process. Here are some green options that will do both your home and the planet a world of good.

Seventh Generation’s Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner uses an organic salt
cleansing agent with ingredients that include lime, balsam fir and
botanical extracts. This is in contrast to most toilet bowl cleaners
that use an acid or caustic formula (hence the warnings of skulls and
instructions to keep away from children). Available at Whole Foods
Market and Loblaws; $7.00.

Earth Friendly’s Dishmate Washing does the trick to produce glistening
dishes, cutlery and glassware with its powerful coconut oil cleaning
base. Mild on the skin, the product is available in pear, almond,
apricot, grapefruit and lavender scents. Available at Canadian Tire
and Loblaws; $5.00.

Spring-CleanWindows and Mirrors
Shine those windows and mirrors with Real Green’s Window and Glass
Cleaner. Free of the highly toxic chemicals typically found in glass
cleaners (like Ammonia and ethylene glycol butyl ether), this
ammonia-free cleaner offers a safe and effective alternative. It is
available with the option of scented or unscented. Available online.  $4.99.

Canadian-based cleaning company, Nellie’s All-Natural Products, offers
a line of all-natural laundry and kitchen cleaner products. This
includes biodegradable, non-petroleum based laundry soap and dryer
balls. Shop online at their website or at one of their Canadian retail

All Purpose
Tackle those kitchens, bathrooms and floors with Simply Clean’s All
Purpose Cleaner. It contains a number of vegetable oil surfactants,
allowing it to be used effectively for a variety of applications. It
is free of the solvents, strong acids or alkalines typically found in
other cleaners. It has a fresh lemon scent and contains readily
biodegradable citrus oil and alcohol. It can be diluted for big jobs
like floors. Available at grocery stores across the country.

All of the above brands feature a complete product line of products
you’ll feel good to use. Your home will thank you too.


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