All Bets Are On: Putting Your Money Where Your Mouse Is


The NBA is now in their second round of playoffs, as the Toronto Raptors go head-to-head with the Miami Heat to determine who will advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.  On the west coast, Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors take on the Portland Trailblazers to defend their title.  Simultaneously, the NHL playoffs are also underway, and Major League baseball has just started to get cracking.  In the meantime, millions of hungry fans are placing their bets.  Euro 2016 betting will likely soon top the charts, as the highly anticipated football championships are set to begin June 10th in France, when the gracious hosts kick-off against rival Romania.

While sports betting still isn’t legal in many countries (currently Nevada is the only US state that allows it, and here in Canada, it seems to be a “legal grey area” ), many gamblers worldwide have turned their attention to the online arena, where all bets are on.  In fact, according to wikipedia, the online gambling industry, which gained popularity back in the late 90’s (with only 15 casino websites by 1996), surpassed $21 billion in annual revenue by 2008.  With live-play action (thanks to real-time standings updates), and every match-up you can dream of, the internet has literally changed the game.  Whether it’s golf or cricket or tennis or NFL or the perfect parlay, there’s a digital bookie ready (and eager) to take your wager any time of day.

So perhaps you’re a sports nut who has a knack for calling point spreads, and you’re ready to put your money where your mouse is and play the odds for that big payout – why not?  Even NBA commissioner Adam Silver has been quoted saying that “if you have a gentlemen’s bet or a small wager on any kind of sports contest, it makes you that much more…engaged in it“.  Well, there’s just one little thing to keep in mind regardless of whose team finishes with the highest score… No matter how you gamble, ultimately, when that final buzzer blows (figuratively speaking of course), the golden rule of thumb remains the same; the house always wins.

Please note:  As stated above, sports betting is illegal in many countries (including bets placed online).  Please check the laws of your country or region before you proceed with any transaction.


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