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It’s every bloggers dream to become a top notch sensation – to have everyone following what they post on a regular basis. In Missy Deyo’s situation, this wasn’t the case. After leaving her job for medical reasons, this lovely lady needed to find a way to pass the time. “A lot of my friends call me an entertainer. I’m quite social and have a lot of fun stories, or so I’m told, so I had been thinking for a while about doing something in entertainment, for fun”. She started a tumblr blog that has since piqued the interest of sports fans all over the world. What started out as an idea – “ Sports Babe of the Week” has now essentially gone viral. “I thought a few people would read it but I never imagined what it would become. It was honestly written with the only intention to make myself laugh and to be something I could casually work on while I passed the days. Sure enough, as I continued to post articles, the following continued to grow”. It has grown so much, that Miss Deyo has decided to move the address to a .COM and hire a full team to help her maintain the site. Since its creation, her  list of Sports Babes has grown with names like:

Riley Armstrong, Hockey, Finnish League (bro of Leafs’ Colby Armstrong)
Byron Parker, Football, BC Lions/former Argos – CFL
Josh Godfrey, Hockey, World Juniors Gold Medalist, Binghamton Senators, AHL
Bret Lockett, Football, New England Patriots, NFL
Rob Bellamy, Hockey, Elmira Jackals,
Cody Grimm, Football, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, NFL
J.P. Arencibia, Baseball, Blue Jays, MLB
Brandon Bollig, Hockey, Chicago Blackhawks, NHL
Brad Spence, Olympic Skier, Canada,
Ross Capicchioni, Skateboarder who survived a shotgun
Steve Pinizzotto, Vancouver Canucks, NHL
Simon Chamberlain, Pro Snowboarder, Canada
Mike Zigomanis, Toronto Marlies, AHL
Richard Giannotti, Maryland Blue Crabs, Baseball
Jason Bailey, former Ottawa Senator, NHL
Dylan Bundy, Baltimore Orioles, MLB
Matt Dean, Blue Jays, MiLB
Tessa Bonhomme, Olympic Women’s Hockey Gold Medalist, Canada
Ronda Rousey, MMA Arist
Kaylyn Kyle, National Soccer Team, Canada

“One of the most exciting things was getting J.P. Arencibia to do an interview. Not only is he a smokeshow, but I am a huge Blue Jays fan. I knew getting in 20 Questions with him would be fun and help to catapult the site’s popularity. Nearly every athlete featured has read their feature and loved it, saying thank you, retweeting us on Twitter or approaching us for an interview”.

With this now overflowing amount of support, the goal of the site is to bring some comedy into the sports world and to create better a personal connection between the athletes and their fan bases. “I think that’s why SBOTD has amassed the following that it has . . . a funny or personable athlete can create a lifelong fan out of anyone, regardless of the sport, team, or wins and losses. They also make sports more relevant for people who don’t always get to watch them regularly or who don’t fully understand complicated sports jargon”.

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