Social Media: How to Market Yourself

imagesWhether you are a professional, a student or an everyday individual, having a strong online presence is key when promoting yourself. Here are some of our ‘ticks of the trade’ that you should take into consideration when putting yourself or your company out there!

1. Establish your brand. What are you – a student? – a stay at home mom? Your brand generally targets the audience you are looking to appeal to. For example, a student studying political science should try to build a brand based on his/her political beliefs. It wouldn’t make sense for them to post about what their mom cooked them for dinner!

2. Showcase what you are trying to promote. If you are a model, post pictures! If you are an author, note your published works. You need people to believe that you are who you say you are! Don’t sell yourself short!

3. Develop a promotional strategy. As complex as this sounds, this could be as simple as asking your friends to share your work with theirs!

4. Monitor you progress. How many new Facebook likes do you have? Any new Twitter followers?

Marketing yourself can be a challenge for those not familiar with how social media works.Therefore when setting up accounts, run through the tutorials if any are provided. Be sure to update regularly to keep your supporters engaged. Keep in mind that posting too frequently can prove ineffective. It is also essential to only post RELEVANT materials, thinking about your brand/brand messaging when doing so. (Companies do not post about their personal problems)! Once you do share information, there is no getting it back despite having even “deleted” it. This is why as great as social media is, it can be dangerous, so please use with caution!


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