Six Ways to Slay Pregnancy Sex

Making a baby is easy.  Almost too easy.  All is takes is two consenting adults, and some intercourse (and sometimes…roughly 20% of the time… it only takes one try).  But once that bun is in the oven, sexy time takes on a whole new (ever-changing) meaning.  Like just when that morning sickness finally starts to wear off… suddenly you’re showing, and he’s worried about hurting the baby.  Yes, pregnancy sex can be tricky, but it shouldn’t become a source of sorrow (or deprivation) in your relationship.  Sure it can be awkward, even uncomfortable, but remember it is only temporary.  Pregnancy can be exhausting and overwhelming and even depressing at times, but having good sex releases endorphins, and is proven to boost your feelings of happiness.  So try to stay connected to your partner and don’t lose sight of where this baby came from in the first place.

Here are six ways to slay pregnancy sex:

1. Despite the fears of many new dads-to-be, sex won’t hurt the baby.  On the contrary, you are really just rocking your baby to sleep.  That being said… things might be more sensitive for mama (such as her nipples).  So make sure your partner proceeds with caution while you adjust to your new (evolving) body.

2. Orgasms can induce labour, as they stimulate the release of oxytocin, a powerful hormone implied in both euphoric feelings, and interestingly… signalling your body to begin contractions.  So if you’re trying to get that baby out sooner, have lots of sex.  But if you were hoping to keep that bun cooking a little bit longer, you might want to abstain.  PS. The same goes for his semen, which contains high levels of prostaglandins that have been shown to ‘ripen’ the cervix, making it prone to dilate.  So if you really wanna get that baby out, let him cum inside you… again.  Isn’t it ironic?!?

3.  Okay Ladies, now lets get in formation!  Although you can’t poke the baby, you sure can squash it, so missionary position is a major no-no once you start showing (it’s also hard on your circulatory system to lie on your back for extended periods).  Now is your time to shine, so hop on top and take daddy for a ride.  Alternatively… spooning (lying on your side, with him behind you) is a relaxing way to let your guy do all the work, with way less impact on your belly.

4.  Spotting after sex is ok, due to your extra vascular cervix.  If you see a tiny bit of pinkish or brownish discharge, don’t panic, this is normal (especially if your partner is well-endowed, you lucky bitch).  But anything resembling a period-like-flow, you should immediately consult your doctor.

5.  Keep it clean down there to avoid introducing any potentially harmful bacteria into your uterus.  This means no douching, and definitely no fancy, flavoured, sparkling, hot, cold, or glow-in-the-dark lubes – whatsoever.  And especially… NO anal.  Whether you’re pro-back-door, or you just fancy a little finger play now and then, take a 9 month butt-break, it’s just not worth the risk.

6.  Once that baby is born, sex is off the table for at least 6 weeks while you heal, and even then, you will likely be too tired to really get your freak on during those first few sleepless months (if your baby even lets you).  So get it in now while you can… lots of sex, and long naps!

Betty Pie

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