Single in the Summer


Summer is just around the corner. For the single ladies, this may be a dreadful time. You start to see all those annoying couples posting pictures on Instagram of all the fun things they’re doing together and you start to wish that you had someone to enjoy the summer with too. But think about all the fun things you can do being single? Embrace being free. Who says you need a boyfriend to have fun. Here are some ways to celebrate your singledom:

  • Pump up “Single Ladies” and dance by yourself in your room (It’s quite liberating).
  • Hit up some patios and lounges with your girlfriends and meet some cute guys. You can cause you’re single
  • Enjoy some time lounging on the beach, you never know who you’ll meet
  • Spoil yourself. Go shopping, have a spa day, get your hair and nails done. Anything to make yourself feel good about yourself. And you don’t have to worry about a guy calling you high maintenance cause hell you’re single and if girls weren’t, half the time they wouldn’t even be attractive so guys think about that
  • Go on a road trip with the girls. It’s nice to get away.
  • Go on vacation. You deserve it and it’s not like you have anyone holding you back so enjoy!
  • Enjoy a girls night in watching ‘Sex and the City’ with your girlfriends because the show explains your situation perfectly. You have to watch it while drinking Cosmos of course.

These are just some things you can do. Celebrate being single and your freedom now because there might come a time where you will miss it so take advantage now when you can. You’ll start to realize that being single in the summer is not so bad after all.


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