Shark Week is Back!

It’s the best time of year again, SHARK WEEK!

In light of this amazing week long programming, we thought we would share some crazy facts with you!

Shark attacks are probably one of the many things you think about when swimming in the ocean at any tropical destination, but a recent article by Michal Rilley of suggests that the possibility of getting struck by lightning is 30 times more likely than being attacked. The actual chance of being attacked by a shark are just one in 11.5 million, according to the University of Florida’s International Shark Attack File (ISAF). So why is everyone so freaked out?

The truth is the media has played a huge role in matter. Through films such as Stephen Spielberg’s “Jaws” and media reports, fear has seemingly been installed in people’s minds. For example, in the past few years on average 65 shark attacks have taken place worldwide each year. When you consider the diet of the shark that is of fish, squid,marine mammals such as sea lions, seals, etc., the characteristics of a human do not necessarily fit. ISAF reports that most accidents that take place are often “hit and runs” where the shark takes a bite and realizes that  it has made a mistake.


From the University of Florida:

The Consumer Product Safety Commission tracked vending machine deaths from 1977 to 1995. An astounding 37 people were killed when the vending machine fell while they were trying to get a reluctant quarter or beverage. That is the equivalent of about two deaths per year, twice the number of people killed by sharks in the US each year.

According to

The world’s worst ever shark attacks mostly involved maritime disasters where people were thrown into shark-infested waters, miles from land, and with no way of getting out of the sea onto dry land.

The worst shark attack took place in Indianapolis in 1945 when sailors became shipwrecked after their ship was sunk by a Japanese submarine. According to Sharkfacts, only 900 out of 1,196 received lifejackets. After waiting 5 days to be discovered, only 317 crew members survived because they were continuously being attacked by oceanic white tip sharks.


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