Rethink Breast Cancer Viral Video is a Sexy Success!

Self breast-checks have never been sexier thanks to Rethink Breast Cancer’s latest awareness campaign. The campaign includes a video featuring chiseled, shirtless men who engage women and encourage them to conduct regular breast self-exams. The hit viral video has garnished more than a million online views in less than five weeks. It promotes downloadable mobile app called the Your Man Reminder and features a sexy male model who examines his own breasts and gives various suggestions for how to examine breasts by showing them some TLC, which refers to touch, look and check. We like.

The app allows women to choose from one of six handsome men who will send them an automated reminder to conduct breast self- exams. Women can share the app through social networking websites with friends to see what man they would pick and can also customize the app’s calendar settings and add appointment reminders. We are proud to say, we won’t miss another self breast-exam thanks to this eye candy-infused app.

This is not the first time Rethink Breast Cancer has taken a non-traditional marketing approach, using sex and humour to engage women and promote awareness of breast cancer. Rethink’s 2009 Save the Boobs video—which featured a MTV Canada’s Aliya-Jasmine Sovani in a bikini—also went viral with overwhelming success; drawing media attention from major U.S. television shows like The View, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Good Morning America.

This gets us Alpha Beta Pies thinking about the power of viral video to unconventionally communicate ideas and mobilize key audiences…..hmmmmmm.


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