New Year; New Resolutions – How to Set Goals for Yourself!


Everyone talks about setting goals for themselves at the beginning of the New Year, but do any of us follow through with them? If you’re like me, the answer is probably no! This year, I have decided to keep the same goal – of getting in shape – but taking a different approach in hopes of conquering it this time around. Here are some tips I found to help accomplish your goals this year:

1. Choose a goal that is NOT too challenging: If your goal is “to lose weight” it’s TOO BROAD. There are many steps you must take in order to follow through with this. Take it in stride. Try something like “go to the gym once a week” or “drink an extra glass of water each day”. It’s hard to change your lifestyle with the snap of your fingers. Start small and build your way up!

2. Choose something that you know you will be motivated to accomplish: It’s great to try and lose weight with your friends, but sometimes you need to be selfish. Are your friends helping you? Are you all committed? One of my goals this year is to save MY money. As a student, I know if I binge on those $100 designer heels that I am going to pay in the long run. By acknowledging this (and the debt I’m already in) has helped me to save my money and actually inspired me to begin couponing. I have already saved over $150 doing this having started this past month!

3. Keep track of your accomplishments AND failures: You can do so by making a list of all your goals and monitoring your progress in an organized manner. By acknowledging your setbacks and successes, you will enable yourself to stay on track. Setbacks allow yourself to realize your mistakes so that you do not make them again. Your succeses keep you motivated and in the game!

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