A few of my favourite things…

One of the cutest and most thoughtful bridal shower gifts I received, was a box of my girl Nataliya’s favourite beauty products… her go-to Dior mascara, a couple Boscia face masks, some Bumble & Bumble volumizing hair spray, etc.  It’s a super simple DIY idea: go to Sephora (or your fave beauty counter) and grab a bunch of sample size items that you love and throw em in a box with some pretty tissue paper and chocolates (a yummy bonus).  You can even include a short description on the card explaining why you chose each item.  I loved the variety (and the presentation), but most of all, I loved discovering great new stuff that I’ve since incorporated into my regular beauty regiment.

So I’m sure you are wondering now, what was my fave discovery of all?  One word, Julep.  If you’re into nail art, you need to check them out.  As a full-time mama, I barely make it to the nail salon once a quarter, so I’m a do-it-myself manicurist, and this online nail-polish emporium is a one-stop nail shop.  Nataliya’s gift included the Julep Oxygen Treatment, which I’m literally obsessed with now.  As it says on the box, it’s “make-up for your nails”… meaning, when you don’t have time for high-maintenance color, but you don’t want to go nude either, this stuff gives you that perfect gloss with a hint of pink, while strengthening, smoothing, yet still providing “permeability to oxygen” in just one quick coat.

After exploring their site, I found that they have some fabulous gift ideas, holiday steels, and for the nail-art-connoiseurs out there, a monthly subscription program called Maven… where you get a box in the mail every month with exclusive polishes and products based on your customized style profile.  Another cute find… their Birthstone Collection… mine is Ruby (which is the perfect combination of red & sparkle for the holidays!).



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