Latest Back-To-School Gadgets!

It’s that time of year again and whether you are excited or not, we’ve got some pretty cool back to school gadgets to share with you!

Listed at number 3 on TIME MAGAZINE’S “25 best back-to-school gadgets” list, this Livescribe Pulse SmartPen is probably one of the handiest items to have for class. About the size of a sharpie, it can record what your professor is saying while you’re writing AND you can sync all notes taken onto both a MAC and PC computer. Of course, you need to remember it only works on certain paper (which costs about $13-$35). The pen itself is only $199 and is available for purchase here.

You can always be prepared for both a party and class with this next item. Who would have thought those two words could work together? This backpack comes with everything from a padded laptop sleeve to an audio headphone portal to even- sirens and a strobe light! Although we are a little loss for words with the look of the bag, its features will wow just about anyone! Prices start at $99 here.

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