A Last Minute Gift Guide For The Holidays

If you’re reading this, the holidays are here, and you still don’t have cool gifts for everyone on your list.  Well don’t worry, Christmas is still a week away (and there are still 2 nights of Hanukkah to go), but who’s counting anyways.  Better late than never, but it’s never too late… am I right?!  Lucky for you, I don’t want to overwhelm you when you’re already feeling anxious, so I’m gonna keep this super simple and stick to just a few awesome gift ideas I’m serious about, seriously.

With a little something in mind for everyone, here’s my last minute gift guide for the holidays

For the kids:

Waffle Blocks Steam Train – Little Tikes really are rock stars when it comes to toys, and this train set is no exception.  Waffle Blocks (which look a lot like #hashtags) couldn’t be easier for your toddler to stack and build 3D structures with – just ask my 4 year old Zozo (who demonstrates below).  This set comes with 171 pieces (including 4 people, 2 animals, trees, cacti, and a storage bag).  And best of all, just add a few drops of water and the Train actually comes to life with real steam!

Project MC² Smart Pixel Purse – This one is a throwback for all my 80’s babies who grew up either playing with, or watching the notorious ‘Light Bright’ commercial.  The Smart Pixel Purse takes the magic of light play to another level with this hot pink hand-bag, and a downloadable app that lets you design the words and images that flash across the screen.  My only complaint is that this isn’t a real purse – for the mamas!

Battlefront II –  If you have a tween or teen on your hands, who also happens to be a Star Wars fan and console gamer, this is hands-down the most anticipated video-game release of the holiday season.  Play as your favourite heroes in the most iconic locations from all three Star Wars eras.  From an immersive single player story mode, to deep multi-player combat, there’s no better way to bring the force alive.
Last Minute Gift Guide

last minute gift guide

For Whoever:

Tendence Watch – Big bold faces are in, and Australia’s hottest new timepiece has a lineup of contemporary designs featuring bright colours, and avant-garde technology.  From sleek silicone bands to iced-out bezels and faces adorned with skulls and roman numerals, they’ve basically got every occasion covered.  If you’re looking for a retailer in the GTA, our friends at Rocked By Rob G have the hook up.

Charmed Aroma Bath Bombs
– This has literally become my go-to gift for my girlfriends this season.  And before you ask, it is so much more than just a boring old bath bomb.  Aside from being pretty as F (think sparkles and unicorns), and smelling like heaven (with a range of popular skincare ingredients from shea butter to tea tree oil to activated charcoal) each bomb has a shiny secret inside.  After dissolving into relaxation, your bath bomb will reveal a stunning piece of 925 sterling silver and gold plated jewellery, complete with an appraisal code that you can look up on their website.  With rings, bracelets and necklaces, valued up to $5000, these babies are the new lottery ticket.last minute gift guide

last minute gift guideSoda Stream – This was hands down the best wedding gift we received (aside from cash of course), and I’ve been raving about it ever since.  If you know someone who loves soda, they need one of these on their kitchen counter.  Forget buying carbonated water (which usually contains unnecessary sodium) or sugary pops ever again.  This stylish and simple gadget lets you turn your tap (or filtered) water into bubbly in under 10 seconds, in a nifty reusable bottle you can store in the fridge.  Make your own spritzers, mix with your favourite juices, or just squeeze in a lemon or lime wedge.  When your CO² cartridge runs out, you just pop it out, and trade it in for a fresh one at Canadian Tire.

Georgian Bay Spirits – For the liquor connoisseur on your list, this one is a no-brainer.  Georgian Bay Spirit Co. took home the gold for the World’s Best Vodka last year at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and their Gin scored the silver medal.  Made with the ice cold spring-water of Ontario’s very own (you-guessed-it), Georgian Bay, these ultra-smooth small-batch spirits will instantly transport you to the Juniper trees and fresh breeze by the Bay.

Last minute gift guide

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