Ladies Night: The Hilarious Girl Talk Guessing Game

Over the Christmas holidays, one of the gifts that Erin received was a board game called Ladies Night, a hilarious guessing game reminiscent of Girl Talk (yes, flashback to our 90’s youth).  So naturally, we decided to bust open a bottle of vino, and give it a whirl for girls’ night in.  The game comes with a spinner labelled with 4 categories; just for fun, love & relationships, fashion & style, and lifestyle, as well as 4 decks of cards (one for each category).  Whoever is next takes a spin, and pulls a card from the corresponding pile, then reads the question out loud.  The other players attempt to guess what the answer will be (by writing it down on the provided pad).  Remember The Newlywed Game?  Well Ladies Night follows the same premise – the better you know the person, the more likely you will guess the answer correctly.  The best part?  We recorded the whole thing, so you can watch and laugh while Erin and I put our friendship trivia to the test.

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