This Kraft Mac & Cheese Ad Will Make You Feel Better as a Parent

Anyone who says they’ve never sworn in front of their kids is lying, according to Melissa Mohr – and pretty much every other mom on the planet. In a new Mother’s Day commercial for Kraft Mac & Cheese, Mohr calls out 26 per cent of Kraft survey respondents who said they’ve never sworn in front of their kids.

This is opposed to the 74 percent of  (truthful) respondents who admitted to dropping f-bombs, the s-word and the b-word in front of their offspring.

The commercial features self-proclaimed “swearing expert” Melissa Mohr (she actually wrote a book on swearing), who offers a tutorial on alternative swear words that moms can use when they’re at the end of their rope with their kids, encouraging everyone to ‘swear like a mother’.

These include things like “son of a motherless goat”, “Shitake mushroom” and “flipping goose-nugget” in exchange for the real deal.

According to Adweek, the message of the commercial is that good parents come in all forms (so don’t judge) and it was meant to celebrate perfectly imperfect parenting.

We definitely know a mom or two who should probably check this out.


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