Your kids will have a blast with Boom Co

With December just around the corner, it’s that time of year again… gift season, and especially for the kids.  Enter the BoomCo blaster.

If you have kids (8 and up), there is a new contender lining toy store shelves and giving Nerf a run for their money. BoomCo (a division of Mattel), is the latest and greatest maker of toy dart blasters.  But what sets them apart from those suction-cup-tipped-foam shooters we all know and love?  BoomCo blasters require use of their patented easy-stick targets. Stick the target anywhere, and the darts cling to it like glue and are easily removed. This is actually a neat feature (from a mom’s perspective), because it restricts the shooting to one area of the house, and encourages target practice (rather than human targets… like younger siblings).

On their website, they demonstrate some cool challenges for the kids to try, but we had even more fun using the BoomCo app, which lets you record videos and then add special effects, like sounds, scopes, and animations.

Dad was quite impressed with the Rapid Madness blaster, which let’s off 40 rounds in just seconds (but requires slightly more muscle to handle the pump… So it’s better for the tweens).  My 8 year old, Chase, loves the ClipFire, because it folds in half and clips onto a belt loop or backpack, so he can wear it around the house and show off to his baby brother.  It is also super easy to use and has a quite impressive punch.
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