Crushing On My Jord Wood Watch

jord wood watch

Before I discovered Jord (pronounced ‘Yord’), I didn’t even know that designer wood watches were a thing.  Sure, I’ve seen wooden sunglasses popping up all over the place lately (from bamboo to teak), but the idea of a thoughtfully crafted natural wood-grain luxury timepiece sorta blew my mind, and now I’m slightly obsessed (ok… it’s more than a crush).  Even the wooden box it came in is beautiful!

Today’s look is all about the rich walnut wood, vintage rose, and subtle gold accents of my Jord wood watch, warming up this gloomy February day.

Jord Wood Watch

With a big and shimmery bold face adorned with a concave dial, smooth domed sapphire crystal, and contrasting roman numeral details, the Jord Cassia is a unique statement piece.  For that reason, I didn’t want to over-accessorize, but my Quay French-Kiss sunnies couldn’t have been a better style match.  For me, crappy weather is all about being comfy, and my cozy flannel BB Dakota shirt dress had just the right hints of dusty pink to compliment my stunning wrist candy.  And let’s be honest… nothing says Canadian Girl like wearing plaid and a toque, am I right?  Lucky for me, it was just warm enough outside to rock bare legs with my above-the-knee rain boots, that I completely forgot I had!  Seriously, I went into the closet to choose a pair of heels, and stumbled onto these old Italian beauties that I picked up at least 5 or 6 years ago.  Don’t you love when that happens?!

jord wood watch Jord Wood Watch

With the spring sunshine around the corner, I know my Jord wood watch will soon be in high rotation among my bright and colourful and fun floral wardrobe staples.  There’s nothing like a timeless eye-catching piece to set the tone for any outfit.

jord wood watch

Luxury Wooden Watch

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