How To: Healthy Hair For The Summer!

As much as we love the summer season, it is the worst for our hair! If you are tired of all the frizzing and colour loss, check out some of these hair care tips!

Moisture in the air is a major contributor to frizzing- not to mention all the other things we do to our hair  (colouring, straightening and styling with heat appliances). Thus when our hair comes into contact with heat or chemicals, our cuticles become rough and enable water molecules in humid air to penetrate the hair shaft (causing them to swell). To prevent this from happening, try a silicone-based smoothing serum. This smooths over the cuticles and flattens them, ultimately preventing these water molecules to enter. Depending on your hair type, there are different serums and techniques when it comes to applying them. We recommend checking out Citre Shine Miracle Polishing Serum, available online for under $10.

When it comes to colour loss, unfortunately there is no such thing as “sunblock” for your hair. Despite this, you can use several products to help prevent fading whether your hair is colour treated or au naturel! UV rays essentially bleach your hair when exposed, so we recommend Schwarzkopf’s  “Sun Protect Line”.

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