How Spadina Museum Takes Nuit Blanche Beyond…

Nuit Blanche Beyond

Redshift by Radha Chaddah

It’s that time of year again; when those last few bittersweet moments of lingering summer warmth remind us that we are just one week away from the one-and-only, Nuit Blanche.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Nuit Blanche Toronto, since 2006 it has been the city’s annual one-night-all-night fine art festival spanning the downtown core, where artists from across town, in all mediums, exhibit a new original work for a mere 12 hours – dusk till dawn.

If you are familiar with Nuit Blanche, then aside from the novelty, the spectacle, and the funky crowd it draws, you might have also noticed the crowded mess it has become, as for many downtown TO night crawlers, it has slowly evolved from a notoriously avant-garde exhibition, into yet another excuse for the bars and clubs to extend their last-call liquor permits into the wee hours.

However, the one thing that many people are not familiar with, is that Nuit Blanche, in all its intended creative glory, remains alive and well and thriving for art and art-lovers alike (and strictly for art’s sake), right in the heart of the Forest Hill Village, at the historic Spadina Museum.

Nuit Blanche Beyond, is one of the festival’s only destinations north of Bloor, and the only place you need to visit to get a true taste of Toronto’s ‘white night’ (without enduring the mayhem downtown). With a diverse group of 10 artists, dubbed Group 4d2 (including longtime Village residents Gloria Stein and Barbara Cook, returning for their 9th consecutive appearance), the lush 5 acres of the Spadina Museum grounds will be transformed for one night into a magical outdoor gallery designed to enchant, surprise, soothe, and reward festival goers who venture off the beaten path. Their collective theme, beyond, will present inaccessible realms, and redefined space and form explored through large-scale interactive sculpture, film, textile and mesmerizing light installations.

Nuit Blanche Beyond

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