Hottest Hairstyles For Spring! – Look #2


What do you do when you’re too lazy to style your hair? You put it up in a ponytail! Right now, it is making a huge comeback with stars like Audrina Patridge rocking this dew’ on the red carpet! This week, we tell you how to make yours sleek and stylish!

1. Spray your damp hair with a thickening product to give it more texture and control. We suggest Bumble and Bumbles thickening products for this look. Make sure you spread the product throughout your hair evenly.

2. Blow dry straight. If you have curly hair, the trick is to try and eliminate the curl. It makes for a smoother texture so its easier to work with! We also recommend that you spray it with hairspray after so that it holds.

3. Gather your hair at the beginning of your neck for a low rise look. If you prefer to have your ponytail higher up, we suggest gathering your hair just above the center of the back of your head. Secure it with a tie when finished.

4.  If you choose, take a small portion of your hair from the pony tail and wrap it around the hair tie. This hides it, and adds to your look!

Lost? Here is the perfect video to guide you!



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