Hand Jewelry: A taste of Cleopatra

Hand jewelry has been around since the days of Cleopatra.  Fast forward five thousand years and it’s still just as beautiful now as it was back then.  It makes such a bold statement and gets so much attention whenever I decide to put one on.  Unfortunately, not too many stores in NYC carry them.  I picked up a few pieces while on one of my many fun filled days of shopping in Soho.  If you cant find them in a store near you, have no fear, you can always go online and find a wide range in various colors, styles and prices to fit your budget.  You can buy the average piece for less than the price of a decent scarf, and trust me you’ll get way more attention!  Prices run from $15.00 and up, depending on the style and material.

Hand jewelry can be worn with just about anything, from a pair of your favorite jeans, to that sexy lil dress.  Hell ladies, even in your birthday suit!  (trust me, he’ll love it)…
We all know as women that we love attention and to be glamorous, and that’s exactly what the perfect accessory can do for you.  That’s why I love my Hand Jewelry, it makes me a trendsetter and a show stopper, and in NYC that’s what it’s all about!
Until next time, muah… Dymond B

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