A Basic Babe’s Guide to Getting Your Finances Back On Track

Here at Alpha Beta Pie we believe in the sisterhood, whether you’re a kick ass stay-at-home mom, or a bottle service babe killing the industry, we’re here to uplift and support each other through this game of life. We saw you killing it this holiday season, staying on trend looking cute, gifting like you’re on WAGS (wives and girlfriends of sports starts… if you’ve never heard of it we suggest you take back some TV time to watch something other than treehouse).  Some of us even threw some Kardashian-chic holiday parties, but now that the holidays are over and the New Year has begun its time to turn your attention around to the things that may have been a bit neglected – like getting your finances back on track, babe.

getting your finances back on trackFull disclosure, all of us here at Alpha Beta Pie could stand to pay a little more attention to our finances. Don’t let this Mackage jacket and iPhone X fool you.  Like most Canadians, an unexpected emergency can throw both our mental health and finances into an anything but OM state. According to the National Post, more than half of Canadians are now within $200 of being unable to handle their monthly costs.

Our intent for 2018 is to help create a community of strong women that not only look financially secure (both on and off of social media), but actually are financially secure.  Our Mantra: “Survival mode will not follow us into 2018, 2018 is for blessings and abundance ONLY.”

Here are some tried and true, non-cookie-cutter, basic ways for getting your finances back on track this new year:

– Set a Goal.

A realistic goal, something that will help you sleep a little bit better at night.  It could be save $500 for an emergency, or finally pay off that $700 Rogers’s bill you think will magically go away if you wish hard enough. Yes, we know you want to buy a house, new car, or go on vacation, but if you can’t handle a sudden emergency should one arise (ie. your baby gets sick and now you need to take a day off without pay; or you hit black ice and find yourself in an accident and needing to fork out a $500 deductible), then you have no business planning that girls trip.  Listen, you don’t need a get rich quick scheme and you DO NOT need that Fenty Stunna Lip stick.  You need cold hard cash.  Tip: We personally like to have some cash stashed away at home.  Nothing makes us feel more hardcore than some rolled up bills in the back of the lingerie drawer.

– Make it Automatic.

If you don’t like the idea of keeping cash on hand and prefer to keep your savings in a separate account, we are demanding you set up pre-authorized transfers. These days all banks have this feature available. Whether it’s an automated transfer of $50 every pay-day to your separate (not accessible with your debit card) savings account, or an additional $50 automated bill payment to that Roger’s balance, making it automatic means you can’t talk yourself out of it. On the plus side, there is more incentive for you to actually make the payment since penalty’s can incur should the funds not be available, and that $48 NSF fee would look much better in your savings account than in the already wealthy bank’s pockets.  If you don’t know where that extra $50 would come from each month let us help you out:  that gym membership you’re not using, the venti coconut mocha macchiato you mobile order every morning, or the sushi lunches and aprés-work drinks that happen bi-weekly, to name just a few.


Listen, if you haven’t bought it by now with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, pre-Christmas or Boxing Day sales, chances are you don’t really need or want it. Go through your inbox and unsubscribe from all the newsletters you get from your favorite stores. We also suggest you temporarily unfollow these stores on social media. You need a consumer detox, at least just until you get back on track. We promise you can add them back later, but as the old saying goes “out of sight, out of mind”.

– Got Gift Cards?

USE THEM.  I for one will never understand how people can forget about gift cards.  Is their ego so big that they find some sort of shame in using a gift card?  Or are people just that out of touch with their finances?  You have the opportunity to save some of your own money now, so why would you wait to maybe, hopefully (probably not), save later?!  Unless of course, you’re saving it for something big or expensive, which in that case, why are you spending money on anything that is not that big ticket item you want so badly in the first place?  Check Mate.

– Check Yourself.

Seriously, before you wreck yourself… because we know you can’t wreck your credit any more than you already have.  If none of this is resonating with you maybe you need a reality check, and girl, let us tell you that pulling your credit score is one of the realest reality checks you’ll ever get. The average Canadian’s credit score hovers around the 700 range.  Where does yours fall?  IF your nails are done, your hair is blown out, and your yoga pass is renewed before you’ve covered all of your bills – girl you tripping.  And hella childish.  Get that score out of the depths of hell before you go down burning with it.

Getting Your Finances Back On Track

Ginevra Fenton

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