Get Bikini Ready!

Spring is finally here, which means … Summer is on the way! Are you prepared? We have broken down several stylish looks for you over the past month in terms of fashion, so now it is time to get that body back into shape to complete the look! Over the next few weeks Alpha Beta Pie will be posting several easy “do it at home” exercises that will have you falling in love with your body again. Get ready to get back into that bikini!

Lets start off simple! Our first exercise may sound complex, but don’t be fooled by the name! “The Hundred” requires you to do the following:

1. Grab your yoga matt and find a comfy spot on the floor. Start by sitting in the centre of it, tall with your knees bent in towards your chest. Keep your hands at your side.

2. Then, lie down with your knees bent, palms down (this is when it becomes a challenge!)

3. Slowly raise your head above the matt with your shoulders. Let your knees and your legs follow, reaching into the air. Do this while exhaling slowly. Your breathing is key, and helps to keep you focused!

4. If you are able too, pump your arms by your sides up and down. Inhale for 5 pumps, then exhale for 5 pumps. 100 pumps are recommended for a solid workout.



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