Five New Ed Sheeran Songs that Test Whether You Have a Heart

Aside from the fact that he is ridiculously talented and his music gets trapped in your head whether you like it or not, 24-year-old Ed Sheeran seems to have a soul that’s at least as old as the record player.

Time and again, he proves that a millennial – and a famous one at that – who came to age at a time when heart-shaped emojis replaced old-fashioned, organic romance and when app-facilitated dating was the norm is capable of actually, um, feeling emotions.

If you’re in the mood for a good cry (which is sometimes totally therapeutic), all you have to do is listen to Sheeran’s latest album, Divide, which may be one of his most emotion-filled albums yet.

Here are five new Ed Sheeran songs that will test whether or not you have a heart (you may not want to listen to them in public if you’re already having a rough day).

Supermarket Flowers
For anyone who has lost a mother or grandmother after a lengthy illness and had to clean out her room, “Supermarket Flowers” is pretty much like a punch to the gut and a guarantee for free-flowing tears (just trust me). It will also make you want to call the family you have remaining.

How Would You Feel?
By now, you’ve probably heard the ballad “How Would You Feel.” If you haven’t, it’s basically the new “Thinking Out Loud” – and it’s equally as designed to give you all the “feels” (no pun intended) and make your jaded heart want to fall in love again.

“Happier” tells the story that most of us know all to well – the feeling of seeing an ex with a new lover. As if the thought wasn’t a punch in the gut enough, it’s always even more soul crushing if they look happier than they did with you (especially of you’re not over the ex).

Castle on the Hill
Ever miss the old-fashioned days of life before everything got real? You know, before things like bills, mortgages and deadlines became a reality? “Castle on the Hill” tells the nostalgic tale of returning home and revisiting all the old memories. It will inevitably make you miss get good old days and wonder where some of your old friends ended up.

If you’re in the market for the perfect wedding song, you’ll find it with “Perfect.” Beautifully written, it is all about finally finding the person you will make a home with and who will share your life. For the singles out there, it will either make you cry sad tears, or ignite a new sense of hope about such a love finally happening to you. 


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