Delicious deals on Ebay!

Believe it or not, Ebay has now become one of my most favourite places to shop! It’s perfect for clothing if you know your size and relatively cheaper depending on what country you’re buying items in! I have been shopping online for quite some time, and have found the items that I have purchased on this site get noticed! You can find the coolest of things ranging from what is in style, to what could be the next big thing. Here is a list of items that I have purchased from Ebay that you would never think to find elsewhere at such a low price!

Pink Sparkly Bow Iphone Case 

I love that there are so many different options for your phone in terms of cases to express your personal style! Pink is my favourite colour, and I love everything girly. When I stumbled upon this case, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was perfect! So many people have asked me where I got it, and are floored when they find out! (Approx. $10.00 US)

American Flag Leggings

They may be considered hipster-ish, but they are still one of my favourite fashion must haves! The flashy design of the American flag is original, and definitely stands out! Why have leggings that everyone else is wearing? Black is boring! (approx. $40.00 US)

Betsy Johnson Paris Necklace 

Just purchased this baby a week ago! It is one of the cutest necklaces that I have seen yet, and is completely inexpensive. Betsy Johnson’s accessory line always turns heads as her designs are simple and sophisticated. You can basically where her jewellery line anywhere. Highly recommend you check it out! (approx. $20 US)

Suede Wedge Ankle Boots

Solid wedge shoes have been in style for a while now, so why not change them up a bit? These bold suede shoes are probably my favourite pair of shoes to date! The shoelaces go the extra mile, and stand out from the ones everyone else is wearing. You can still fit the bill and stand out without having to pay hundreds. Get your pair on Ebay starting at $30.00 US!

Clear totes 

Spring has finally sprung and it’s about time your style is ready too! Plastic totes have been in for a while and Ebay is the perfect place to get yours without the huge price tag! Take this hello kitty tote for example. Adorable, durable and its lined! That is something that most of your plastic totes don’t come with! (approx. $30.00) 


Forget the stereotyping!   This website can score you some crazy fashions, at the lowest of prices!


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