Cheat Sheet: Everything you need to know to not look stupid during #SuperBowl #XLIX

03_ball_grand_canyon_1_hi_nat1366With Sunday rapidly approaching, many of us are planning our outfits, appetizers, and game faces for the big event.  Chances are you’re attending a party or get together, or just snuggling up on the couch with Bae… but if you’re anything like us, you really have no clue what’s going on (like when to yell at the TV, and who are we even cheering for?!).  Well fear not my lovely Pies, because we’ve taken the liberty of doing some research (via Wikipedia and the NFL’s beginner’s guide to football), and we’ve put together a little cheat sheet.  It won’t make you an overnight football savvy goddess, but it might just get you through the game without feeling stupid:

Super Bowl duh… #49 (XLIX)

When: Sunday February 1st @ 6:30 pm

Where: The University of Phoenix stadium, Glendale Arizona (home to the Cardinals).

Who: Seattle Seahawks vs. The New England Patriots

Fun Fact: The cost of a 30 second commercial spot is a cool $4.5 million

Low down on Seattle:

– They won last year in a huge upset against the Denver Broncos in New Jersey 43-8
– This will be their 3rd appearance at the Super Bowl
– Their Quarter back is Russell Wilson

Low down on New England:

– This is their 8th Super Bowl appearance, the last being in 2012 when they lost to the New York Giants 21-7
– Their quarterback is Tom Brady (who happens to be married to the infamous Victoria’s Secret model and Brazilian mega-babe, Giselle Bundchen.  In other words, either way, he’s winning).
– After their playoff win against the Indianapolis Colts last week, it was discovered that several of their balls (footballs, that is) were under-inflated.  The controversy has yet to be resolved, but the possible-cheating scandal makes this match-up oh so interesting.

Half time show: (aka. the BEST part) Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz… this combo is not to be missed, and given some of the steamy shows of the past (google Janet Jackson), you never know when you might catch a nip!

The Rules:
-The game is divided into 4 x 15 minute quarters
-If the game is tied then 15 minutes of overtime is added.  If it’s still tied then it becomes sudden death (and the first team to score wins)
Downs:  Each team gets 4 downs (chances) to move the ball 10 yards.  If successful, it’s called a first down, and they get another 4 chances.  If they don’t move 10 yards in 4 downs (or score), then it becomes a turnover (and the other team gets the ball at that field location)
Points:  A Touchdown or TD = 6 points
Extra point or 2 point conversion:  Immediately after a TD the ball is placed at the opponents 2 yard line where the team will usually kick the ball through the upright for an extra point, BUT, they could also go for a 2 point conversion and run or throw a TD into the end zone again (similar to another TD) to get another 2 points
Field goal = 3 points: The team will kick the ball through the upright instead of going for the touch down
Safety = 2 points: When the offensive ball player is tackled behind his own goal line, which happens sometimes on a punt return
-Turnover:  When the possession of the ball suddenly changes teams.  This can happen by; a fumble
(when the ball was thrown or passed and the player dropped it after having secure possession, and it is recovered by the opposite team), or an Interception (when the Quarter back throws the ball to his player but it is caught by a player of the opposite team instead)

Well there you have it.  We know it’s not everything, but hopefully it’s enough to get you through the game without asking questions all night (and driving the dudes crazy).  In the meantime, you can prepare to stuff your face with guacamole, and try to look cute while you’re at it!!!

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