5 helpful tips to bring back your boobs after baby 


By the time you hit your second trimester, you were probably loving your suddenly huge stripper boobs (most women increase by one or two cup sizes during pregnancy).  And then your milk came in, and they briefly doubled again.  But now that your hormones and your baby’s feeding schedule have plateaued, the ‘girls’ seem to be deflating (in a sad and droopy way), and the realization can be quite depressing.  This is especially true for women who had C cups (or larger) to begin with… the damage done will seem more drastic.  The honest answer is that they will likely never be the perky peaches they once were, but that’s Ok.  Having a baby means that nothing in your life will ever be the same, including you.  In time, you will learn to love your new child-bearing body for the miracle it is, but for now, here are our top 5 helpful tips to bring those boobies back to life:

1. Moisturize.  If you are breast feeding, try using a natural oil that is safe for baby to ingest.  We recommend organic coconut oil, which has amazing health and skin care benefits (for both you and baby), including anti fungal properties, and will definitely help to smooth and fade any stretch marks.

2. Drink more water.  It’s no secret that your body needs moisture inside and out, but this is especially so when you are breast feeding and most of your fluid intake is going straight to your milk.  The more hydrated your skin, the more elastic and youthful it will be (including it’s ability to repair all that damage from stretching so much in such a short time).  So go pour a cold glass right now, or make a pot of tea, and relax.  Your ‘girls’ will thank you for it later.

3.  Push ups…  Yoga…  and more push-ups.  When you strengthen your pectorals you will notice your bust firming too, as the fatty tissue is now better supported by the muscle below.  Try to squeeze in 10-20 push-ups during nap-time everyday.  Even a 5 minute workout will go a long way (note: just remember to wait until your doctor gives you the green light to start working out again, usually 6-8 weeks postpartum).

4.  Don’t let gravity get you down…  A French study conducted over 15 years on 330 women determined that going braless might actually make your breasts firmer over time as they develop more muscle tissue, and your restrictive bra may be doing more harm than good.

5.  Patience.  These things take time.  You can’t expect results overnight.  The postpartum body-changing period can be dauntingly overwhelming, but it’s a gradual process.  So keep your head up and just enjoy your baby.  These precious moments fly by, and before you know it, you’ll be feeling like you again… well, the M.I.L.F version of you.  This too shall pass.

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