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In case you’ve fallen off the face of the Earth this past week, Research in Motion (now officially known as BlackBerry) finally released their new model known as the BlackBerry 10! In light of this, we dug around and pulled a few reviews to save you the time and effort of researching and answering the question “hmmm, should I switch or not?”

Like its competitors, the BlackBerry has had its good and bad reviews. It too offers phone, text, email and IM as well as voice control, photography, media playback, applications, music, movies etc. and carries a similar design to that of other smartphones. The focus of this model, like many other BlackBerry phones was mainly communications; multi-tasking and messaging. However, the new and improved BBM (BlackBerry messager) now allows for customers to video chat, accessible with just the click of a button. In terms of navigation, the keyboard has improved, considering BlackBerry’s older models. Despite this, the BlackBerry 10 has been given flack for not being as easy to use as Iphone, Samsung and Android. Lets be honest though- in this day and age all of them look the same to us – it takes a while to learn how to use anything new related to technology!

So, returning to our previous question – don’t be first in line. If you are happy with the phone you have there is really no reason to buy the BlackBerry 10 right away as no features necessarily stand out against its opponents! We recommend waiting if anything as in some cases new phones can carry unknown bugs and technical errors that can be overlooked or unseen in the production process. Yes, the brand has reintegrated itself but that does not mean that it has improved its quality. At the end of the day, a BlackBerry is still a BlackBerry no matter which name the company decides to call themselves by!

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