Black Friday Weekend: The Aftermath

This past weekend, Black Friday and Cyber Monday commenced the holiday shopping madness of the Christmas season – and this year the turnout was BIGGER. Approximately “247 million US shoppers visited stores or shopped online over this Black Friday weekend – up from 226 million in 2011, according to the National Retail Federation”. An estimated $59.1 billion was spent in total, with 40.7 percent of consumers spending their money online.

Many websites also experienced overcapacity, with La Senza Canada servers crashing several times throughout their cyber Monday sale. Despite some of the frustrations that were experienced, thankfully there were enough sales going on elsewhere to keep consumers happy.

That being said with the craziness of Black Friday comes those stories of people going too far out of their way to snag a deal. Here is one scene at Walmart where customers trample and fight to get their hands on a product. As much as we would all like to see similar deals here in Canada, do you think that implementing them would be worth risking the safety of consumers? Tweet us @alphabetapie

A scene from the inside of a Walmart in the United States during Black Friday.


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