Ashley Graham Uses Bagels and Her Breasts to Remind Us to Eat Breakfast

Ashley Graham wants to remind us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and in a way that we’ll never forget.

The “it” curvy model (the first to appear in the pages of Sports Illustrated) has taken to Instagram to make a bold statement that involves bagels and her breasts. In a feast for the carb-lover’s eyes, Graham stands cheekily in a kitchen, surrounded by the carbs we all love to hate, like doughnuts, croissants and crackers.

Proving she’s not shy, Graham posed topless in a video with nothing but bagels covering her leading ladies. The eyebrow-raising (but amazing) video – which was posted to Instagram by Glamour US fashion director Jillian Davison – shows the voluptuous beauty giving zero fucks as she jiggles her bagel-covered breasts.

The video caption simply reads: “I love bread” (a feeling many carb-craving ladies often suppress because the latest diet fad tells them it will make them fat).

What can we learn from it?

Well, Graham told TMZ that the whole thing was a “pro-breakfast message.” Clearly, it’s also a body-positivity message, with Graham once again expressing her comfort and confidence in what some label as her “plus-size” skin. Finally, in all of her curve-filled glory, Graham proves she can actually pull off anything and look amazing doing it.

Now, excuse us as we lather our multi-grain bagel with cream cheese.


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