Why Are You Such A Drama Queen?


Are you someone who looks for drama for no reason? Drama queens, there is no place for you in a relationship. No guy needs drama in his life. So why are you one?

Maybe you do it for attention. Sometimes you feel a bit of jealousy towards your boyfriend’s friends. So you create something small into a big issue. You could nag him about it, cry, shout, scream but when you do all that no one is listening to you. If you have a problem about something, you need to be an adult and address it with your boyfriend by acting civil and not throwing a temper tantrum.

Another reason you may be a drama queen is because you’re bored and creating drama is actually entertaining for you. As sad as it sounds, you find it fun to pick fights with your boyfriend. You might as well write a list for the day with all the things you want to fight about and check them off when you complete each one.

Your past experience might have something to do with the fact that you argue with your boyfriend constantly. Maybe your past relationships were very negative where you weren’t treated right and you were used to fighting on a constant basis. So now that you’re in a normal relationship where you are actually treated right, you have no idea how to act or treat your boyfriend. You are so accustomed to bickering that it has remained with you and it is evident in your current relationship.

Maybe you think fighting gives you a sense of control. You like it when you get your way and when someone does what you say. This is just another form of abuse but mental abuse. It definitely doesn’t make for a healthy relationship.

Whatever the reason is for your childish behaviour, it’s not acceptable and your man doesn’t deserve this treatment. It would be surprising if he’s still with you after all this but that says a lot about how much he cares about you so treat him the way that he deserves. Don’t turn him off with your temper and issues. Figure it out or just break up with him and be single. He’s not your punching bag and he’s not there for you to take your anger out on him. Be a good girlfriend and show him that you appreciate him.

– Sheena

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