An Hour with You: Sometimes Ex Sex is the Best Sex


If you listened to the advice of your mom or your girlfriends, you’d march on forward into the future (in your nicest stilettos) after a breakup and never look back.

This is especially the case if he broke up with you (for reasons that nobody can figure out, clearly).

But some of us seem to have a problem doing so.  It’s not that we lack the common sense to know that living in the past isn’t the healthiest life decision, but that – in moments of loneliness – it just feels so damn good to play relationship house with your ex.

Even if just for an hour.

Naturally, it’s comfortable – in everything from the initial conversation to the sex – and can be much more of a guaranteed good time than a date with a Tinder stranger than can go either way.  When it comes to ex sex, you just have to be smart about it.  Enjoy it, but don’t lose sight of the reasons why the two of you are no longer together.

And know, too, that it will end the second one of you finds yourself in a new relationship.  But in the meantime…

Let me love you for an hour,

Then I’ll disappear. 

Let me kiss you like I used to, 

Like we did in that first year. 

Let me call you baby, 

As if you still were mine. 

Because just for this hour, 

It’s you and me in time. 

Let me hold on to your body, 

And feel you rush through me. 

As if I didn’t know, 

It’s all we’ll ever be. 

Let me say goodbye,

Without a single tear. 

Then brush you off and walk away,

Like I was never here. 

Easy, right?

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