Alpha Beauty Pie: “Must Try” Skin Care Remedies

With so many different products on the market, finding the right skin care brand for you can be a nightmare. With the cooler weather on its way, if you do not yet have a proper routine it’s time to get one! Although some products work better than others, here are some of our recommended natural home remedies to get healthy looking skin at little to no cost.

  1. Honey is a great alternative when it comes to skin purification! Add one tsp of honey to one tsp of water and gently apply to your face. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and rinse off with warm water afterwards. Pat dry.
  2. Coconut Oil- It is always a good idea to rinse your makeup off after a long day, but some products can be too harsh for your skin. Instead of using your department store brand, try using coconut oil for eye remover (it’s too heavy to use on your face). Not only does it smell really good but it gets everything off, even that stubborn mascara!
  3. Cocoa Butter or Hempseed Oil- You should always use a moisturizer on your skin to help give it a natural glow. We recommend you try applying cocoa butter as a natural remedy every time you get out of the shower. It melts at room temperature and is easy to apply. Hempseed Oil also works as it is light and full of omega 3’s that will make your skin love you!
  4. Finally, Avocado is  good to use on dry skin patches. Without using scientific terms, it basically lubricates your skin without all the questionable ingredients you get with department store brands.

Did you know? Anti-Aging creams can sell for upwards of $500+ a bottle! A recent documentary done by CBC  Marketplace showed that although prices vary in the market, essentially all of them do the same thing as they are all composed of similar ingredients. Thus, paying more won’t help you!


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